About T.A.K. design|關於我們

The Designers And Construction Team At T.A.K. Specialize In The Design And Planning Of Commercial Spaces And Offices. T.A.K. Has A Wealth Of Experience In This Field And Is Able To Integrate A Variety Of Professional Architectural Mechanical, Fireproofing And Certification Specialties Into Its Services. From Leasing Recommendations And The Overall Planning Of Spaces To The Deployment Of Staff And Project Supervision Until Completion, The T.A.K. Team Provides Truly Comprehensive Services To All Of Its Clients. T.A.K. Has Even Cooperated With Professional Artists To Customize And Create Some Truly Unique Spaces. The T.A.K. Team Aims To Become The Most Professional And Trusted Interior Design Consultants For All Of Our Clients. We Aim To Create The Most Optimal Spaces For Clients Based On Functional, Design And Budget Considerations. We Create Spaces Of Superior Quality That Not Only Help Clients Increase Efficiency And Productivity For Their Business Operations But Also Spaces That They Can Enjoy For Years To Come.


Communication And Diverse Creativity Are Our Key To Create Effective Workplace Environments.

良好的溝通 多樣性的創造力 是我們能創造出有效率辦公空間的主要關鍵!

Our expertise|我們的專長

Office and commercial space


* Focus on commercial office space planning

* Energy saving design and consulting

* Green construction, building materials planning and design

* The use of specialized methods to shorten the construction period

* Assist in fire and construction regulations submittals service

* Customized business unique cultural design

* Pre-lease services

* 專注於辦公室商業空間規劃

* 節能省電的設計及諮詢

* 綠建築、建材的規劃設計

* 使用專門工法以縮短施作工期

* 協助消防、建築送審的服務

* 與藝術家配合,客製企業獨特的人文空間

* 租前辦公室評估服務

* 協助客戶工程發包施工及監管

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