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Transtep Technology 龍雲數位整合

台北內湖|90坪 . Taipei|Design & Build|295sqm





The widespread adoption ofsmartphones and tablets has stimulated the development of Cloud Computing, The Internet of Things and Big Data. The business model of retail store is gradually changing.
TranstepTechnology Group, the client of this deign project, has provided a new way of shopping in this rapidly changing generation - smart vendor machine of The Internet of Things. Management of digital signage through Cloud Computing can transform product sales and operation analysis. Business owner can check the equipment status and sales report instantly and adjust products for sales with ease. Since it is easy to know the actual sales situation, it is essential for the display of the vendor machine to change swiftly.


Based on this concept, T.A.K. design team has come up with the idea of “puzzle floor mat”. The formulated floor mats can change the way they are structured, even building countertops, tables and chairs…etc. The smart vendor machine can change the products it sells and also changes its display area.