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Spirax Sarco, Taipei 英商 斯派瑞莎克

台北深坑|Taipei|Design & Build


身為蒸汽設備翹楚的英商Spirax Sarco台北分公司,要在這個空間裡打造一個教育訓練暨展示中心;向客戶或是同仁展示機器的實際運作情形,並產學合作讓相關科系的學子來實地參訪。



Spirax Sarco is a leading British manufacturer of steam management systems. At its Taipei branch office, they are dedicated to providing a space for product display and educational training. Therefore, there will be an area displaying the operation of the machines for its customers and employees. The office will also serve as a place for corporate visits by students who study in related fields.

T.A.K. Design team made use of the square shape of its current office structure. In order to reinforce its visual effect, we used MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as H beam steel to form a square frame, and placed one ceiling fan in the center of each frame, creating an exquisite architectural design. The slogans are written in Chinese calligraphy on the wall, adding vitality to the whole space!