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Spirax Sarco, Taipei英商 斯派瑞莎克 台北

台北深坑|Taipei|Design & Build

位於深坑的斯派瑞莎克(Spirax Sarco)公司其大樓結構為廠房兼具辦公室特質,普普風格狀的天花造型有其結構功能性,造型美感不言而喻。上研設計團隊捨棄傳統輕鋼架天花完全遮蔽的方式,在原始結構上設計燈槽,並將企業色系帶入其中,混搭新舊美感、另創現代辦公室風格!


This archaic building has preserved the style and structure of those from the old days. Its structure aesthetics is the one which contemporary buildings are incomparable with. The integration of modern craftsmanship within old materials will have a huge impact on design aesthetics, even causing an increase of renovation fee. Hence, in order to strike a balance between old building and new craftsmanship, it is vital for the client and design team to establish an effective communication.

Located in Shen Kengtownship, SpiraxSarco’s building structure integrates factory and office structure. Pop art style ceiling retains structural function, and its beauty is beyond description. T.A.K. design team discarded traditional light metal ceiling frame assembly and designed light trough according to its original structure, integrating corporate identity color. A mixture of old and new, an innovation of modern office style!